Staged in a fully-operational hair salon, come and immerse yourself in the secret world of styling while Sabrina and the team attempt to perform mission impossible, hair-wise.

“Bleach for the Stars” specialises in celebrity dip dyes and off-kilter karaoke, but today the salon is closed (again) so that manageress and chief style engineer Sabrina can get busy nominating herself for the prestigious Clipadvisor Salon of the Year award.

When bald out-of-work actor Richie arrives for a career-saving hair-do, talented assistant stylist Tanisha must convince Sabrina that you simply can’t buy success. Except when you can.

Sabrina screams with excitment (c) Alex Brenner

Team Foiled

Team Foiled are writers David Charles and Beth Granville, who also plays salon star Sabrina. David Oakes plays Richie the receptionist and Stephanie Siadatan plays assistant stylist Tanisha

Guest stars include Felicity Montagu, Tom Price and Garnon Davies.

Foiled is produced by The Rubber Chicken.

Foiled BBC Radio Wales Cast

The BBC Radio Wales Cast

Beth Granville, Writer and Actress

Beth Granville, Writer and Actress

David Charles, Writer

David Charles, Writer

Press & Reviews

The Stage 5 Stars Critics Pick

"The perfect comedy."

The Scotsman 4 Stars

"This is huge fun. Huge."

"If only every trip to the hairdressers could be this fun!"StarsStarsStarsStars

BBC Radio Wales 2017

Following a triumphant 2016 Edinburgh Fringe, Foiled was commissioned by BBC Radio Wales for a four part sitcom series. It was produced by The Rubber Chicken and broadcast in July 2017.

Cast: Beth Granville, Stephanie Siadatan, David Oakes, Felicity Montagu, Garnon Davies, Olivia Nixon and Tom Price

Foiled on BBC Radio Wales

Foiled at the Fringe 2016

Foiled had a smash hit five star sell out run at Ruby Rouge, a working hair salon on Edinburgh's Clerk Street.

Director: Tom O'Brien, Manager: Robin Rayner, Designer: Libby Purves

Edinburgh Fringe Cast and Crew (L-R): David Charles, Dom Morgan, Beth Granville, Joe Morgan, Stephanie Siadatan

Foiled Edinburgh Fringe Cast and Crew
Foiled Edinburgh Fringe Flyer

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Tanisha furious, Sabrina on the phone (c) Alex Brenner

Probably the easiest way to contact Team Foiled is through Twitter.

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